Episode 62 – socks and SIAM with Claire Agutter

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday June 3, 2021

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Episode 17 with Doug Tedder – The Enterprise Silo Management episode…

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday June 24, 2021

Doug Tedder is a highly experienced consultant and trainer, who always speaks his mind with clarity, good sense and great insight. Doug’s view is that ESM should not repeat the mistakes that have been made with ITSM – i.e. to ‘inflict’ people to do things, with good intent but often without explanation. We need good governance to make this work and we shouldn’t just rely on the IT team to do this. Digital transformation, Ai and automation also need to be viewed from beyond IT. Also, we can’t just expect the tools to deliver value and collaboration. We also discuss the tough question of who is the owner of this…is it COO, CIO, CEO..? We also learn about some very good bourbon…

Episode 16 with Roman Jouravlev – from service desk to global sustainability

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday June 17, 2021

We are joined by Roman Jouravlev, the Axelos programme manager for ITIL 4 and the conscience and brilliant mind of ITSM. The discussion moves from various current flavours of service management, to identifying these as being part of the same thing. We shouldn’t need ITSM and ESM – all organisations deliver and consume services to and within each other. This moves imperceptibly on to a fascinating and fundamental discussion on long term sustainability.! We also learn a number of new terms and about Roman’s move to London for Axelos. There’s also a surprise in his choice of drink.

Episode 15 – how lean is your CIO? with Dan Breston

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday June 11, 2021

The Kentish-Texan Daniel Breston, who claims to be ‘retiring’ joins and provides some sage insights. We dip into Dan’s 50 years of IT stories and discuss Lean, which Dan has been closely involved with. A key point is the need for all to participate in using and applying things like ‘Lean – including the CIO and board. On drinks Dan dons his tuxedo to sip Casino Royale…

Episode 14 – with Akshay Anand – Language matters – are we really talking about enterprise work management?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday June 3, 2021

We start off talking about agile and how we might apply that way of working to service management - also how huge the opportunity is (with ESM) and how much bigger this is than IT.. Our guest is the sci-fi geek/rocker Akshay from Axelos who also gives us his entire life story – obviously rivalling Barclay’s long questions. Actually Akshay is a key part of the ITIL 4 team and ITIL product ambassador/evangelist. We explore the key question about how we can use service management principles outside of IT – is ESM actually a thing? Akshay clarifies his commitment to ‘service management’ as a broad concept, with some scepticism around what we are calling Enterprise Service Management. After talking about service management for 30 years its worrying that we still struggle to define ‘service’ as in service management – how can we expect people in other teams to get it..? There is then a great discussion around the practical definitions of service and products – is service management also about improvement? Ultimately we talk about spades and shovels, nouns or verbs and how language matters! Soon we move on to drinking of course (including a non-alcoholic drink..!) and explore multiple types of cardamon pods.

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