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Meet the Hosts

Barclay Rae

Barclay’s experience covers over 500 service improvement projects, mainly in IT Service Management, but also in CRM, contact centres and other service delivery areas. Barclay’s pre-consulting experience was in a variety of service delivery roles, including setting up media phone-in services in the 1980s and working through service management operations and project management into the 1990s.

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Iain Aitchison

I’m a senior software product portfolio leader. I play a small part contributing to the global community, sharing opinion, communicating and speaking on subjects around Digital Experience, ITSM, ESM, Automation, AI and business technology futures. I’ve presented at many industry events worldwide including Gartner Symposium, HDI, SMWorld, Pink Conference, SDI, SITS, ITSMf, Brighttalk.

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About the Podcast

The Enterprise Digital Podcast is a regular discussion on all matters related to Enterprise Service Management and Digital Transformation. The hosts are Barclay Rae and Ian Aitchison, who share and discuss their thoughts on the converging worlds of technology, service management, people and management, business and corporate development, governance, automation and more… Regular guests will be invited to try and get a word in …

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Past Guests

Claire Agutter

Claire has great insight and experience in training, and development of IP in the ITSM world and we discuss how SIAM makes sense in a multi-vendor environment, and also beyond IT.

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Duncan Watkins

Duncan Watkins is an experienced business technology consultant with a background in IT Operating Models, Enterprise Service Management, Programme and Project Management and Information Security.

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Karen Brusch

Karen Brusch, experience Service Designer in the financial Service industry, as well as a long standing itSMF contributor, currently chair of itSMF UK.

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