Episode 57 with Karen Brusch – the service design, swan and stress one…

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday July 1, 2022

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Episode 40 with Alan Berkson – industry insights – using PET to build trust …?!

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday February 8, 2022

This weeks’ guest Alan Berkson is Director of Analyst Relations for Freshservice – ‘the coolest job I the world’ – well he would say that. However, as we learn it is a much misunderstood and important role, that requires an understanding of everything going on in a company. Alan joined Freshworks in the early days in an ‘evangelist’ role – this has now grown into a major global brand. The discussion focusses on various key aspects of trust – (PET) Proactivity, Engagement and Transparency. Alan also draws on some clear distinctions around thought leadership and marketing, and how vendors can work with analysts to gain insight. After a really constructive and engaging chat, as ever we end up discussing exotic drinks in the bar.

Episode 39 with Paul Wilkinson – changing behaviours by changing habits…

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Monday January 24, 2022

This session's guest is the whirlwind of attitude, behaviour and culture (ABC) - Paul Wilkinson, of Gaming Works. Paul energy levels come from a daily diet of plutonium sandwiches, washed down with rocket fuel. Paul is the original service and value evangelist, who has preached the need for developing ABC rather than just processes or tools or other 'shiny' things. The discussion is focussed on how practically develop and improve culture, communications and other good behaviours that actually make a difference for success. We need to use real language rather than jargon to improve communications, not just simply follow processes. If you want to learn about ABC and how simulations can be effective – listen on… Paul also claims to be retiring, but no one believes this

Episode 38 with Sally Bogg – understanding the value of shared purpose and passion

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday January 14, 2022

Listen to our guest Sally and you hear the passion, commitment, focus, enthusiasm and a real understanding of what is needed to make service management successful. Sally was already a successful service management practitioner before she joined NHS digital – the IT and digital part of the UK NHS organisation. We discuss some eye-watering stats and the scale of change, particularly with Covid over the last 2 years, moving from 500K users to 60 million…!! We hear some great advice for modern/digital service management – the need for flexibility, recognition of people and of course the need for a clear sense of shared purpose. We need to know not only what we are expected to do but also why and this builds commitment and purpose – i.e. the passion!!. This must be our most motivational episode to date – play it to your team and stand back…!!!

Episode 37, with James Finister – ‘human governance and ISO38500 in a post agile world…’?!

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday December 31, 2021

James is a well-known member of the global ITSM community, with a variety of industry associations, working as a partner with TCS, as well as being an experienced podcaster, with a history of broadcasting from various weird situations.. We put to right the worlds of service management, discussing how we confuse operations and metrics with governance (yes), the people and human element, the post-agile (yes) world, ISO38500 (yes). Ian also sets out the reality of the war-time ‘bat-bomb’ (yes!?). The serious point in this discussion gets to the core – what are organisations there to do…are they working on doing this? We also need to include more tolerance, human centricity and focus in our commercial contracts - being human and inherently benevolen

Episode 53 – with Jeffrey Tefertiller. Stop worrying about FCR and uptime…

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday September 6, 2022

Jeffrey is a highly experienced ITSM practitioner and consultant with great energy and focus on doing the right things and doing them well. He also runs a successful podcast and has published lots of great advice on YouTube videos. We discuss how every organisation is an IT organisation but shouldn’t just focus on IT, how an organisation lost control of 159,000 laptops and why CMDB and why CMDB is important. This is a brilliant high energy and practical discussion around getting the basics as well as the shiny things right..! definitely a great bar-room chat!

Episode 52 with Sandra Whittleston – the education and academia episode

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday August 30, 2022

We welcome Sandra from the Open University (and other university roles) to talk about how we can develop and integrate more rounded education of service management. How do we ensure that tech can IT education includes the relevant bits of service management that are relevant and useful? Too often we have young graduates with little business or SM skills or knowledge – and its important. Sandra has a breadth of knowledge and experience as an educator at the degree level in this area and we put the world to right on this, including how the Higher Education and commercial training organisations could work better together…

Episode 51 – the Big Picture – Dutch Master..? With Rob Akershoek

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday July 22, 2022

Rob is an ITSM renaissance man, with a keen interest and deep knowledge of a great variety of models, practices, standards and frameworks. His maps that bring these things together are legendary, as are his music videos..! We discuss how to get organisations working across barriers and frameworks and how to get product based (service management based?) consensus. Let’s talk simply about complexity..! Once it gets too tough for Barclay and Ian, we head for the bar..

Episode 50 – Not ‘framework fetishism’ with Dave van Herpen

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday July 1, 2022

This is our 50th episode and we are also celebrating now appearing on Apple podcasts! Our guest is the ‘very Dutch’ Dave Van Herpen (his quote)… Dave is an experienced practitioner and consultant for service transformation. He’s also been a core organiser for the SRVision/Service Manager days in Utrecht. He eschews ‘framework fetishists’ (don’t we all) and is clear on the need to clarify business goals before using specific models and frameworks. We discuss practical, positive approaches to Scrum, Kanban, Agile and Cynefin, amongst others, as well as the challenges of joined up DevOps and ITSM implementation. Dave makes a great point that a lot of the ‘framework wars’ occur more at conferences than the workplace. He also discusses valuable experience of agile and ITSM approaches outside of IT. Dave enjoys a good Dutch IPA who doesn’t?

Episode 8 – The Radioactive Podcast with Roy Atkinson

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday April 22, 2021

Episode 7 – with guest Andie Kis of Devoteam

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday April 15, 2021

Episode 5: with Guest Mark Temple, Service Delivery Manager at Glasgow University.

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday April 1, 2021

Episode 4: The Exponentially Self-Serving Episode

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday March 26, 2021

Episode 3: How should we set and manage expectations?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday March 19, 2021

Episode 2: The convergence towards a giant ice cream cone

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Wednesday March 17, 2021

Episode 1: What is the difference/overlap between ESM and DT?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday March 16, 2021

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