Episode 62 – socks and SIAM with Claire Agutter

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday April 15, 2021

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Episode 13 – with Margo Leach, Product and Service Management Everything Is A Service Or Product

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday May 28, 2021

Margo is the Product owner for ITIL 4, which has been built using product management techniques, as well as being about product and service management. We discuss eating our own dog food, using blueprints, journey mapping and personas. We also discuss how there is a real ‘marriage’ or convergence between product and service management, in a way that develops a balanced and sustainable approach to work and business life. This also leads into how we can develop service management beyond IT – and how we get the (ESM) message across. The discussion also keeps returning to people and the need to hold on to talent. As ever we move to discuss drinking – Margo suggests 2 - a first for the podcast..! A brilliant discussion on the future direction for ITSM.

Episode 12 with David Cannon – Business, Basement or Cloud – what are the job choices for IT people..?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday May 20, 2021

In this episode we learn that Ian has X-ray eyes, but is not an Avenger. We are joined by David Cannon. David is a leading writer and consultant in the service management world. He has a great work goal – to drive the business skills of IT people - much needed! David’s experience includes recent and past authorship in ITIL – recently with the DITs book but also in V3, which he sees as a product of its time, like all best practice.. We also discuss the real meaning of Digital Transformation – not just to convert what we previously did into a digital format. ITSM/ESM also needs context and intelligence – obviously these are rare.. The discussion includes some great examples and insights from David, whilst Ian and Barclay focus on drink as usual….

Episode 11 with Dan Turchin – Dull Dirty or Dangerous..?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday May 13, 2021

Can AI help us to be better humans? Dan is a highly experienced product leader and entrepreneur in the automation and AI area. He brings a huge amount of experience an insight in to how Ai will change how we work – for the better. We discuss how technology can help us to be better people, spend more time with our family etc. Ai is not just about robots taking over our world – AI means ‘artificial’ i.e. not real / not human intelligence, and as leaders we have the opportunity to use this technology to replace work that is dull, dirty or dangerous. The challenge for real success is still around culture and what organisations can expect from tech - and this must be more than just saving costs and removing people. The message needs to be clear and we all need to clarify it… We also discover what a ‘quarantini’ cocktail is..! A really profound discussion on the future of work..!

Episode 10 – IT Experience with Sami Kallo

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday May 6, 2021

Sami is CEO of Happy Signals and brings his vast knowledge and understanding of the user experience and employee experience of IT to the podcast. We discover the amazing fact that IT support services are doing really well - better than HR and Finance for service and satisfaction. Also that internal IT does better than external managed services - and that the experience varies noticeably across countries too. Some fascinating discussions around these stats and analysis, from perception not just hard transactional metrics. We also learn about Finnish gin for the podcast bar..!

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