Episode 8 – The Radioactive Podcast with Roy Atkinson

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday April 22, 2021

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Episode 49 – the one about the industry, live from SITS

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Monday June 27, 2022

Our intrepid (?), mostly coherent (?) hosts have a focused discussion around the ITSM industry, recorded at the recent SITS show. Ian and Barclay discuss where we have come as an industry and some of the areas where there is increased activity. This includes experience management, enterprise service management (of course), and many other topics, including the fact that there has been a lot of change in ownership over recent years – highlighting the need and value of service management. Listen in for a shirt insightful discussion… and we don’t even go near a bar.

Episode 48 with Suresh GP – Insights on SRE (Site reliability engineering)

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Friday June 17, 2022

Once again we invite an industry legend to join the podcast this week’s guest is the omnipresent Suresh GP – from TAUB solutions. Suresh has been a strong supporter and promoter of ITSM and other models and ways of working such as SRE, BRM, Devops, etc. This is a great discussion around how to make SRE work in particular – what is SRE? and how can we make it work in tandem with existing ways of working – if you want to learn about SRE and what’s involved in successful implementation then listen in now… We move from Incident management to storytelling about detect to correct etc. SRE is also clearly involved with customer experience, reliability, monitoring, observability, and the long journey of successful transformation. Suresh enjoys a crisp lemonade refreshment, although the regular hosts need something stronger to take in all they have learned here…

Episode 47 – live from SITS with David Wright from SDI – how do we maintain the Covid agility?

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Thursday June 9, 2022

We share the platform at SITS with David Wright, Chief Value and innovation Office from SDI, at the Service Desk and IT Support Show in London. Brilliant discussion relating to some recent SDI research, on the positive improvement in the perception of IT since Covid, recent changes, the impact of the pandemic – ‘this has moved things forward by 5 years, we’re all back, we’ve moved in and now we are talking about the future of the Service Desk and what this means in the new digital workplace. Experience management and new engagement… and much more. David talks 10 to the dozen, this is a dynamic and positive discussion – of course, we end up in the bar drinking Welsh beer..!?!?

Episode 46 with (Sir) David Ratcliffe – people, people, people…we need the basics!

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Wednesday June 1, 2022

Our guest is the chairman of Pink Elephant in North America, and has been working in the industry since before ITIL was a twinkle in anyone’s eyes… Originally from the UK North East and a keen Sunderland fan, Dave has lived in North America for over 30 years. Dave brings some real life pragmatic feedback on what organisations are still actually doing in terms of developing their (IT) services – and in IT that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of the new ‘shiny’ stuff. Still a lot of core ITSM questions to answer and some basic courses are still the most popular..! This is a really useful and practical discussion to bring us all back from the brink of ‘shiny-ism’... Of course, we end up at the bar as ever.

Episode 45 with Guest: Matthew Burrows

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Monday May 23, 2022

Our guest this week is Matthew who is an experienced ITSM expert from Skills Tx, with a focus on skills and competencies through his work with SFIA. We discuss all aspects of people development, from mental health to management, training, and development, and how we can move from a focus on knowledge to an understanding of what it means to develop real experience and competency. Learning to drive requires time and practice, not just reading the rules and details in a book. Matthew provides some insights on how organisations and countries (yes) are developing practical approaches.

Episode 44 – rolling up Series 1 and looking forward to Series 2

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday April 12, 2022

We start with fish as possible cheap labour – yes. But then move on seriously to review the podcasts to date, our guests and topics over the last year. So many great sessions to review across the industry. We’re all getting out a bit more and attending events – we’ll also be at the SITS show in London 11th/12th May. Some of the themes keep coming back around the importance and need for focus on people, and experience – that’s what we’re talking about more and more, not just about Ai and bots… It’s also great to be in the same room with people..!. With Ian and Barclay

Episode 43 with Karen Ferris – nobody planned the pandemic, but we all got the ‘why’.

By Barclay Rae & Ian Aitchison | Tuesday March 15, 2022

This week’s guest is the multi-talented Karen Ferris – as author, trainer, consultant, who ‘accidentally’ wrote a book on Change – ‘Balanced Diversity’. We discuss a lot of current topics initially, from the value of horse-power and internet enabled cows to experience management. We also focus on the approach that Karen espouses in Balanced Diversity. The good new is that its quite straightforward – it’s about the ’why’, having good conversations and ongoing dialogue to engage people and bring them with us. Part of the challenge is to get people on board and remove their fears and uncertainties. All this takes time of course and that’s why many projects fail due to lack of realistic planning and the need for re-work. There’s a great example that comes up about how ‘nobody planned the pandemic’ – but still everyone ‘got it’ – ie had a shared sense of commitment. Thanks to Karen for a great discussion and also for getting up in the middle of the night to join us

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